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An Error Has Occurred In Processing An Ole Api


WILL HAVE A BREAK AND SEE IF SOMETHING ELSE WILL WORK A LITTLE LATER. The SQL statement that was issued has failed.0xC0014012-1073659886DTS_E_LOADFROMSQLSERVER_OLEDBThe LoadFromSQLServer method has encountered OLE DB error code 0x%1!8.8X! (%2). One, classic example is to embed Comic Chat into a Web page, a document whose application is the Web browser. There may be error messages posted before this with more information about the failure. [SSIS.Pipeline] Error: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_PROCESSINPUTFAILED.

If you select something from Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Paint is put in control; otherwise, Word takes control. Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions. This error occurs when an attempt is made to add or remove an object from a collection while the package is executing.0xC0016025-1073651675DTS_E_NODENOTFOUNDThe "%1" node cannot be found in custom default persistence. SQL Server > SQL Server Integration Services Question 0 Sign in to vote Hi there !! http://www.wpuniverse.com/vb/showthread.php?18094-Message-quot-Error-has-occurred-in-processing-OLE-API-quot

An Ole Db Error Has Occurred

Expert: lordnomi replied4 years ago. OLEVERBATTRIB _ONCONTAINERMENU 2 Indicates that the verb should appear on a pop-up menu. Do we mention DDE? Second, the first number, 0, is the menu flag's value.

Do Help>About and post the version number. ActiveX controls are commonly used with programs such as Internet Explorer and other Web browsers; however, many programs can use ActiveX controls. This occurs when the signature verification operation fails.0xC0014031-1073659855DTS_E_GETKEYFROMCERTFAILEDFailed to obtain cryptographic key pair associated with the specified certificate with error 0x%1!8.8X! "%2". An Ole Db Error Has Occurred 0x80004005 Another controls data changes in content, but not type.

Write the application to allow the user to embed OLE objects into it. An Ole Db Error Has Occurred 0x80040e37 For example, Microsoft Paint will replace Word's menu with the Microsoft Paint menu and display the Microsoft Paint tool bars and so on—all without any user intervention (whammo, check out Figure Sorry for the delay. while preparing to load the package. %2.0xC0024102-1073594110DTS_E_TASKVALIDATIONFAILEDThe Validate method on the task failed, and returned error code 0x%1!8.8X! (%2).

Type an x in it. This error happens when the client or a task assigns a runtime object to a variable value.0xC001000D-1073676275DTS_E_RESERVEDNAMESPACEError assigning namespace to the variable. Regardless, as long as the ProgID value is identical, Windows 2000 will be able to locate the server and launch it. Explorer, the Windows 2000 user interface, relies on OLE for many of its abilities.

An Ole Db Error Has Occurred 0x80040e37

Verify the spelling in the log provider type name.0xC001403E-1073659842DTS_E_UNKNOWNLOGPROVIDERTYPENOSUBSThe log provider type is not recognized as a valid log provider type. http://www.archivum.info/microsoft.public.windowsxp.photos/2007-07/00020/Re-Photo-transfers-to-Word-Perfect-12.html Let's look at the registry entries for Comic Chat. An Ole Db Error Has Occurred Retained connections can be used under exactly one transaction context.0xC001B001-1073631231DTS_E_NOTSUSPENDEDResume call failed because the package is not suspended. An Ole Db Error Has Occurred 0x80040e4d The expression result cannot be assigned to the variable because the variable is read only.

WHAT DO I DO? This error indicates that this logging error is not attributable to a specific log provider.0xC0014010-1073659888DTS_E_LOGPROVIDERFAILEDThe SSIS logging provider "%1" failed with error code 0x%2!8.8X! (%3). The fix here is to restore if possible. what happen when selected then from WordPad toWP?With the original PDF displayed in Acrobat Reader... Ssis Error Code Dts_e_oledberror An Ole Db Error Has Occurred Error Code 0x80040e21

If they did, they didn't tell the truth. Comic Chat is an application available from Microsoft to allow users to use the Internet chat facility. The locks timed out.0xC001405D-1073659811DTS_E_VARIABLEDEADLOCK_BOTHA deadlock was detected while trying to lock variables "%1" for read access and variables "%2" for read/write access. Please try again.

It must consist of one or more components of the form X=Y, separated by semicolons. Reboot your PC Then open WP again and open that file and see if you get the error message. Some don't do anything other than provide some form of user interface.

The problem is my files are getting very large when I put pictures and graphics in them.

Since the products are free to try for an unlimited period (you payto get rid of sponsor advertising), it may be worth it to experiment.See http://www.pdf995.com/There also are companies on the Verify that the script engine for the chosen language is installed properly.0xC002910B-1073573621DTS_E_AXTASKUTIL_MSG_BAD_FUNCTIONThe function name entered is not valid. The Execute method must succeed, and indicate the result using an "out" parameter.0xC0024105-1073594107DTS_E_RETRIEVINGDEPENDENCIESA failure occurred on task "%1": 0x%2!8.8X! Notice that this string is also found in the second section of the registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Classes \ComicChat.Room.1, described next. {241AF500-8FB6-11CF-ADC5-00AA00BADF6F}\AuxUserType @="" Windows uses the AuxUserType subkey for short, people-readable names

The locks timed out.0xC001405E-1073659810DTS_E_PACKAGEPASSWORDEMPTYThe protection level of the package requires a password, but PackagePassword property is empty.0xC001405F-1073659809DTS_E_DECRYPTXML_PASSWORDFailed to decrypt an encrypted XML node because the password was not specified or not Shorten the package description.0xC0010008-1073676280DTS_E_VERCOMMENTSTOOLONGVersionComments property is too long. Install a copy from the CD-ROM or from your latest service pack or hotfix, and then reboot your system. (Courtesy of John Savill.) About the Author Peter D. Customer: replied4 years ago.

Category:Computer Share this conversation Expert: lordnomi replied4 years ago. When the OfflineMode is TRUE, connections cannot be acquired.0xC001401A-1073659878DTS_E_BEGINTRANSACTIONThe SSIS Runtime has failed to start the distributed transaction due to error 0x%1!8.8X! "%2". I cannot thank you enough for your help. Another commonly used in-process handler is MAPI32.DLL, which is used by many mail-enabled objects: {241AF500-8FB6-11CF-ADC5-00AA00BADF6F}\Insertable @="" Intended for use with Windows 95/98 and/or Windows 2000, the following entry indicates to the

This has been reported to our development team. Verify that a valid function name has been specified.0xC002910C-1073573620DTS_E_AXTASKUTIL_EXECUTION_FAILEDAn error occurred while executing the script. The package does not execute when a log provider fails validation.0xC002410B-1073594101DTS_E_INVALIDVALUEINARRAYInvalid value in array.0xC002410C-1073594100DTS_E_ENUMERATIONELEMENTNOTENUMERABLEAn element of the enumerator returned by the ForEach Enumerator does not implement IEnumerator, contradicting the CollectionEnumerator property Here's how he describes its evolution: Windows API (Application Program Interface) evolved into Windows Objects, which eventually became what we know as OLE.

This will break RunDll without telling you why it failed. Now, it would make little sense for the Outlook development team to sneak into the Word group's office and steal the code for Word. The list does not include troubleshooting information at this time. Important Many of the error messages that you may see while working with Integration Services come from other components. Critical items in the registry are those entries shown in the previous sections of this chapter.

Visit our UserVoice Page to submit and vote on ideas! Check that the file specified in the For Each File enumerator exists.0xC001C010-1073627120DTS_E_VALUEINDEXNOTINTEGERThe value index is not an integer . and shout, "Now I understand!" Most programmers don't build their OLE applications from the ground up. You may not be the user who encrypted this package, or you are not using the same machine that was used to save the package.0xC0014061-1073659807DTS_E_SERVERSTORAGEDISALLOWEDThe protection level, ServerStorage, cannot be used

You need to remove the executable from the current Executables collection before attempting to add it.0xC0014005-1073659899DTS_E_UNKNOWNCONNECTIONMANAGERTYPEThe connection type "%1" specified for connection manager "%2" is not recognized as a valid connection For example, these controls were on one of my computers: BtnMenu Object CarPointProximityCtrl ChatShowClt Object DirectAnimation Java Classes HHCtrl Object Internet Explorer Classes for Java IPTDImageControl.Slmage Label Object Microsoft MSChat Control