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To display the error message associated with fault code 220: FAULT 220 2. If you have a message which gives you an error number, you can type: FAULT error number. Tutorials Coders. Stop the application using the file or directory or remove the assignment. 203 Object already exists The name specified is assigned to another file or directory. Source

Releases Coders. If this doesn't work it may simply be that you will have to purchase a memory exapnsion before being able to use the program in question. Error 222: File is protected from deletion Error 223: File is protected from writing Error 224: File is protected from reading These three errors are easily corrected using the PROTECT command The name must be less than 30 characters in length and should not contain control characters. 211: Invalid object lock The lock code was not recognized by the AmigaDOS call.

Aquapure Error Code 121

I hoped the error would have been solved with a specific Kickstart-configuration. Retype the file name, ensuring that the file is a program file. This is a programming fault. 210: Invalid stream component name An invalid character was used in a file or device name.

Try searching for a newer version on the Internet or copying the file from your Workbench disks. 202: Object in use The file or directory is in use by another task. There's also a VERY simple "solution" if you get an error code 121: you tried to start a batch file/script like an executable! DESCRIPTION Normally when your Amiga has an error it returns a requestor telling you what you need to do. Use the correct command format. 117 Value after keyword missing Keyword was specified with no argument.

Close unnecessary windows and applications and re-issue the command. Windows Error Code 121 No recovery 305 File not executable The e (executable) bit of the file is clear. Delete unnecessary files or directories or use a different disk. 222 Object is protected from The d (deletable) protection bit of the file or directory is clear. http://www.pjhutchison.org/uae_error_codes.html Translates all the faults into English-lanuage explanations.

In other words, you must go into the directory and type DELETE #?, then CD out of the directory and delete it. Error 218: Device not mounted If you try, for instance, to CD to a device or disk which has not been mounted, the Amiga will return error 218. Amiga Developer Site by i n n o i d e a | MorphOS | Amiga Developers | Compilers | Documents | Dev-HardFile v1.11 for UAE / real Amiga - readme Use the correct command format. 116 Required argument missing The command requires an argument that you did not supply.

Windows Error Code 121

Error 232: No more entries in directory For programmers only, this error means that a low level AmigaDOS command tried to continue examining a directory after it had looked at all Find More Posts by Akira 13 November 2003, 05:18 #10 andreas Zone Friend Join Date: Jun 2001 Location: Germany Age: 42 Posts: 5,858 exactly that's the type of files Aquapure Error Code 121 Find More Posts by pcGTW_Webmaster 12 November 2003, 21:51 #6 andreas Zone Friend Join Date: Jun 2001 Location: Germany Age: 42 Posts: 5,858 ok, you're correct You *must* use Mysql Error Code 121 to view arguments.

These take the form of cryptic numbers that explain the cause of the error. this contact form If you are certain that you want to delete the file or directory, use PROTECT to set the d bit or use the FORCE option of DELETE. 223 File is write The time now is 07:29. -- EAB3 skin ---- EAB2 skin ---- Mobile skin Archive - Top Powered by vBulletin Version 3.8.8 Beta 1Copyright ©2000 - 2016, vBulletin Solutions, Inc. banners disclaimer faq © 1997-2006 Gareth Knight All Rights reserved AmigaDOS Error Return Codes When CLI commands fail they return certain messages. Takagi Error Code 121

Then use RENAME, if desired. 216 Directory not empty You tried to delete a directory that contains file or subdirectories. Tim Janssen View Public Profile Visit Tim Janssen's homepage! The CLI and Shells (and many programs) call on Fault to report their errors for them. http://crearesiteweb.net/error-code/ami-error-code-ff.html If you have copied the document to another disk without the corresponding PPMore program, you're going to get error 205.

Tim Janssen View Public Profile Visit Tim Janssen's homepage! Join Date Sep 2008 Country Cheltenham UK Region: Cheltenham Posts 11,909 Feedback 137 (100%) 6 or more blinks is usually broken tracks around the battery area after an acid leak Blinks Welcome to Amibay!

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I'll try to load the game by typing in the filename. Also occurs with the NEWSHELL command, if a device name is supplied that is not a window. It may have been corrupted at some point in it's lifetime, or maybe it was just never an executable. Try accessing the database again. 242 Record lock timeout Another application has the database entry lokked.

If you're faced with this command, truncate your CLI line or carefully check the syntax of whatever you've typed in. If this is incorrect or inconsistent, error 206 is the result. Check the spelling of the filename and if the disk is in the drive. 206: Invalid window description The window dimensions are too big or too small. 209: Packet request type http://crearesiteweb.net/error-code/and-the-error-code-was-8.html Retype the name; do not use any invalid characters or exceed the maximum length. 211 Invalid object lock The lock code was not recognized by the AmigaDOS call.

Check to make sure it is not validating before trying to repair it. I have various games in my possession that fail to load and give in Amiga DOS returncode 'Error code 121: Failed to load' or something similar. We hope you enjoy the site. Final initialisation test passed Colour Red: ROM error, reseat or replace Kickstart ROMs Colour Green: CHIP RAM error Colour Blue: Custom Chip(s) error Colour Yellow: 68000 detected error before software trapped

to view arguments Code: 119 Description: Unmatched quotes Solution: Supply missing quote character Code: 120 Description: Argument line invalid or too long Solution: Provide correct or shorter arguments Code: 121 Description: Try freeing some space or using another disk. 222: File is protected from deletion The file has been protected. Error 220: Comment too big You have tried to attach a comment (or 'filenote') of more than the maximum 80 characters to a file. Edit: I have posted this topic in the wrong forum.

To view description of a code enter command Fault .

Code: 103 Description: Insufficient free store (or memory) Solution: Close down some programs or reboot Code: 105 Description: Task table full Disk validation takes places almost immediately when a disk is inserted. BACK Latest updates to the Amiga History Guide. (more) Amiga Hardware Amiga History.de Amiga Magazine Rack Amiga-news(en)(de) Amiga.org Amiga World AmigaOS 4.0 Amiga If it contains some plain ASCII text, you got your "buggy executable" right here andreas View Public Profile Find More Posts by andreas 12 November 2003, 21:34 #5 pcGTW_Webmaster

Error 205 is the bane of many a beginner's existence. The directory has not been found. EXAMPLE 1. It may be in a format AmigaOS cannot understand, requiring a customized DOS Driver.

It is a programming error only. If the AmigaDOS command WHY does not satisfy your cuiriosity of what the error was about, then using Fault directly after it will expound on it. Use the correct command format. 119 Unmatched quotes You have an odd number of quotation marks. The 'bitmap' (a sort of snapshot of the disk's layout) is therefore confused and invalid.

Control characters such as the apostrophe must not be used in file names, and the names must not be longer than 30 characters. Join Date Aug 2010 Country Scotland Region: Renfrewshire Age 47 Posts 1,310 Feedback 32 (100%) Its my way of saying thanks to Amibay for all the help I have had here Load a new or original copy of the program. 241 Record lock collision Another application is accessing the database.