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An Unexpected Error Occurred In The Select By Location Command

The following substantive defects are currently logged in the Crystal Ball tracking system against the integration of Strategic Finance with Crystal Ball for EPM: If the Strategic Finance Setup wizard is I will make it more simple. Crystal Ball with custom menus and toolbar If you create custom menus and toolbars for Excel in folders Excel loads at startup, the Crystal Ball menus and toolbars are removed. Unable to create logfile system tables Error Message When using the Select By Location, Select by Attribute or Select tool for more than 100 features, the following error message is displayed: his comment is here

This query keep only record has value "1" in a field of WellsSelect table. Likewise, if preferences - for example, chart preferences - are set for the restored results, those preference settings are not saved either. The tag mismatch is indicated to be on line 13611 column 4. Be sure to include these items: a screenshot of the error message a copy of the SASHome\sassw.config file from the problematic client machine em_console output as described in the section "Collecting navigate here

In my layers I had some features that had undefined sources or ArcMap would give "drawing errors". For server processes on Windows operating systems, inspect the status of the SAS related services that are displayed in the Services window. Be sure this setting is checked in the Crystal Ball Application Manager: "Use Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0, 3.0, or 3.5 (Recommended)." Then, click OK and restart Crystal Ball. Other known issues The following are other important known issues in Oracle Crystal Ball version Unexpected errors that seem to concern memory protection can occur when running in Extreme Speed

Also, if the cell ranges passed into the functions are too large (greater than 100 cells) Extreme Speed may be unable to evaluate the functions in vectorization mode, which also increases The KML file is 14MB. You can start installing Crystal Ball. I created a join between a layer (WellsLocation) and a other table (WellsSelect) in my geodatabase.

I have nulled out areas of the raster that are not sinks, and used extract by mask tool to identify those sinks that fall within the zone of interest, but this As a workaround for running optimizations against Strategic Finance, turn off the following checkbox on the Strategic Finance Setup wizard's General panel: File options > After simulation, automatically save simulation results Is this what I am experiencing here and if so is there a fix? https://community-qa.esri.com/thread/7814 Is there something i'm missing...?Chinook#PolyStyle0010clampToGround -132.166706,53.054487,0.000000 -132.166737,53.054417,0.000000 -132.166843,53.054233,0.000000 -132.166741,53.053893,0.000000 -132.166607,53.053800,0.000000 -132.167467,53.050450,0.000000 -132.167481,53.050457,0.000000 -132.168313,53.050604,0.000000 -132.169239,53.050600,0.000000 -132.169817,53.050766,0.000000 -132.170273,53.050879,0.000000 -132.170649,53.050974,0.000000 -132.171379,53.050702,0.000000 -132.171775,53.050433,0.000000 -132.172410,53.050372,0.000000 -132.173076,53.050489,0.000000 -132.173567,53.050703,0.000000 -132.174346,53.051026,0.000000 -132.174907,53.051392,0.000000 -132.174930,53.051550,0.000000 -132.175062,53.051544,0.000000 -132.175215,53.051884,0.000000 -132.175488,53.052220,0.000000 -132.175647,53.052385,0.000000 -132.175709,53.052449,0.000000 -132.176041,53.052600,0.000000

Overlay chart probability data can be inaccurate for series with less data Overlay chart data are attached to the frequency axis of the chart, not the probability axis. If the issue persists, then engage SAS Technical Support. While Crystal Ball simulations run 10 to 100 times faster at Extreme Speed, there are a few compatibility issues to consider. Extreme Speed issues If it is available to you, Extreme Speed is switched on by default.

As reported in the current Oracle Crystal Ball User's Guide, Crystal Ball supports LOOKUP and OFFSET functions in both Normal and Extreme speed. But, when I removed de SQL statement in Definition Query the selecton by location works well. Very frustrating.BTW the selection works if I export both layers out of my GDB to shapefiles !!!Like • Show 0 Likes0 Actions jbcbirder Aug 29, 2011 11:39 AMI think that this For example, if you create a model in Crystal Ball 7.2 or later that includes linked custom distributions, #NUM!

The sinks that straddle the boundary of the zone are also of interest to me in their entirety. this content Is the server process serving up the XML and running as expected? RegardsEminLike • Show 0 Likes0 Actions cfurlow Jun 21, 2014 12:43 PMOriginal Post Date: Aug 27, 2013 9:11 AM PDTGood to know. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 or 3.5 is installed as part of Microsoft Windows Vista.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Any script that might have been selected on the EPM Preferences, Calculations tab is cleared (set back to None) if the sheet on which the calculation script was defined is renamed.The port is the web-application-server port that is listening for HTTP requests. weblink As a result I got a 20 Mb .kmz file and it works fine.To sum up, maybe you should check your layers one more time.

Be sure to include these items: a screenshot of the error message a copy of the SASHome\sassw.config file from the problematic client machine a screenshot illustrating the results of the attempt Error while sending mail. Defects fixed in Crystal Ball are listed below these.

Using Crystal Ball with multiple versions of Microsoft Excel installed Crystal Ball always runs against the default version of Microsoft Excel, which is typically the most recently installed version.

ID Summary 7396863 Scenario Analysis results were wrong when calculation error occurred during simulations with Stop On Calculation Error turned off 7397989 "Problem generating new solution" error could occur in OptQuest How can we improve? * Submit Feedback sent successfully. Oracle Crystal Ball includes these updates: The Predictor module for time-series forecasting is completely rewritten with a new wizard interface and many other features. Thanks for your Co-Operation.

If the value is successfully obtained, then SAS Enterprise Miner Client treats the value as a URL and attempts to access the resource that is given by the URL. When a Crystal Ball EPM simulation is run against a Strategic Finance worksheet in Strategic Finance version to, the wrong input values for future forecast values are being pulled In this case, there is no method for correcting this error within SAS Enterprise Miner Client itself, because SAS Enterprise Miner Client requires a server. http://crearesiteweb.net/an-unexpected/an-unexpected-error-occurred-during-command-execution-project-2003.html inside one kml is exist.

Only the user-specified name for the server appears on the Setup wizard's Entity Selection panel (7482940). This illustrates how the default schema name is set when adding a login as a user within a particular database. New licensing that does not require an Internet connection. The following information provides a background for the various errors, and outlines diagnostic and resolution approaches for each.

If this happens, choose Start, then [All] Programs, then Oracle Crystal Ball, and then Application Manager. ID Summary 7397429 Assumptions were not renamed when they were pasted into a cell with a label to the left 7402351 It was not possible to define an assumption and run sinks within the zone, and 2). are listed below these.

Did you ever manage to solve this issue?Best regardsLike • Show 0 Likes0 Actions jbcbirder Aug 29, 2011 9:18 AMI have this problem but I have no definition query, I am Localization and translation of the user interface into Spanish. If your Crystal Ball license has not expired and the problem still occurs, contact technical support.