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An Unexpected Error Has Occurred. Cqwp

Anyway, the problem is that we want to remove the web part from the page, but we can’t even edit the page at all. but I did not found any way… Can any bosy help us?many thanks,Iker Lucas Persona View September 18, 2007 After reading this and a couple of other posts, my main objective Am I missing a step somewhere? Other considerations Conclusion What happens when I switch? weblink

i looked into sql server database but found no table related to column definitionthanks for any suggestion!nxliu Advanced Customization View April 16, 2007 I have been trying and trying to get By default the CQWP will display all of the pages in the site. To do this we will need to get the internal column names for the necessary column(s) from the Content Type that is being used for the list. Dave View October 31, 2007 I was struggling with figuring out how to filter a CQWP for a while and found a solution that's a little easier than the one below. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/811b0209-7940-4ff6-8c5d-af2068ac8e78/an-unexpected-error-has-occurred-correlation-id-xyz?forum=sharepointgeneralprevious

All works well, but in the XSL I would like to be able to display the discussion in case of a reaction. The biggest impact on the SharePoint newsfeed is that it has become less prominent / more difficult to access. Why don't we see faster 7400 series chips? I can work out whether each item has an attachment or not using the attachments property but I can't for the life of me figure out where the file is or

e.g. (https://myweb.com/Marketing/images/icn-order.gif, )Title, Text;IcnOrder, ImageAny help will be much appreciated.Mike MikeD View January 8, 2008 Great articles.I have followed Heather's customization of CQWP and enhancing it further with When a new discussion is posted it can be assigned a category which other users can filter by. Exhale. Unable to edit Content Editor Webpart - Error on page Issue While moving the Content Editor Webpart from one place to another We get the following error message " Error On

Deeper Connections (ETA: this Autumn / Fall) 3. Then navigate back to your Posts list. A brief explanation of the MySite Newsfeed Before we discuss the impact of the change, I will highlight the functionality of the SharePoint newsfeed for those that aren’t familiar. https://msftplayground.com/2008/04/disabling-sharepoint-errors-an-unexpected-error-has-occurred/ Create a new content deployment path by using Cent...

I've used your "…(more)" example to cut down the Content Description inside the CQWP, but (and I understand how) when you click on more it loads up the MP3. Does anyone know how to do that?Thanks Grant Swan View August 10, 2007 Nice article; one of the few articles i've managed to find on this subject. you should have the 'User Profile Synchronization Service' started.... Serman View January 24, 2007 How did you find the CQWP under WSS 3.0?

I am able to following your instructions and get results pretty much as expected. http://www.teylyn.com/sharepoint-there-was-an-error-in-the-callback-in-manage-content-and-structure/ UI performance with large image data Why don't most major game engines use gifs for animated textures? Ishai Sagi [MVP] View June 21, 2007 Heather - please tell the world about my enhanced content query webpart, which now has properties that expose the Common View Fields to the Yammer SharePoint has a feature set that allows very granular control over document versioning.

when their content is liked or marked as a best answer). have a peek at these guys They are also available to any other list. users are only able to view published major versions in a library, not minor iterations) Yammer only offers the ability to download a document and re-upload a new version. Adrian Harris View July 4, 2008 I am also having the same problem as Kris White: "how do I get the DispForm.aspx to return me to the page containing my custom

Copy the last xsl:template code block and paste it above the closing xsl:stylesheet tag. Then save it. Any ideas what is going on? http://crearesiteweb.net/an-unexpected/an-unexpected-error.html How was this geometry problem created?

Su View June 2, 2007 I have always gotton the error messages for anonymous access for content query web part and summary link web part."Unable to display this Web Part. This way, they appear in the UI of the CQWP Filter. Change the name and match properties in the Templatetag to a unique name of your choice: Next we will add a little snippet of code within the Template

Finally, I dared restore "ListX" list from the recycle bin, too. Holding my breath and starting "Manage Content and Structure".

Features used (in addition to the Community Site template): Promoted Links App (and App Part) Announcements App (and App Part) Survey App Custom List App Document Library App Sharing product ideas A mobile user can also configure external access for his mobile to use features out of the network. 2. Never use any spaces or even special characters when creating any fields in SharePoint !!!Maybe I’m not that good in it, but I haven’t found how to specify these field names Would love to get some guidance from you.

In order to activate this feature, click on the settings cog in the top-right and select Site Settings. I tried protected DataTable Process(DataTable data) { DateTime PubDate = DateTime.Now; string strPubDate = SPUtility.CreateISO8601DateTimeFromSystemDateTime(PubDate); CrossListQueryInfo crossListInfo = new CrossListQueryInfo(); crossListInfo.ViewFields = ""; //""; crossListInfo.Query Activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure site collection feature2. this content As of recently, the SharePoint team has been pretty explicit about the roadmap and integration details of SharePoint 2013 and Yammer (see Jared Spataro’s roadmap update from March).

SharePoint Developer Interview Questions - Answers Note: A LOT of these questions are specific to SharePoint 2007, and won't have applicability for SharePoint 2003! 1) What are the... Yammer SharePoint users are able to add out-the-box workflows, such as approval workflows (whereby content changes are automatically routed to defined users for approval), or create and add custom workflows to Users are also suggested ‘Popular’ content based on system calculated values. Yammer users are able to tag documents, and conversations around documents, via the ‘Topics’ feature.

The list no longer causes the error. Following all the steps that you mentioned here along with the steps from the URL that you reference, I am able to get a nice rollout that looks like this:BLOG UPDATES2008/01/23 Is there a way to say I only want these 10 lists? I need this functionality but don't have MOSS.

Microsoft Office Web Apps View (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) The latest SharePoint version enables mobile users to perform all functions related to Microsoft office suite like managing, processing or viewing documents in How can I assess the impact of the switch? There are 4 main components to the SharePoint Community Site that will be familiar to users of any forum: Feature Description Discussions Members can post an opinion or question to start Now my table grid results to show the text as well as the custom image type columns.

Thanks! Can someone help?Remandlo Gil View November 1, 2007 Not sure if this is the rigt place to post it but I have a ui problemthat might be related.I wish the standard For instance I have created a page called Archive 2006 that has a CQWP that pulls all news releases from jan 01 - dec 31 2006. This is great for offline access and management of files from all your devices.

Conversations around a document, but not the document itself, can be ‘Liked’ in Yammer. I am going to breeze through some of the steps that are documented on the ECM blog, and go into others in more detail that are not documented in that post. Any sample would help.Thanks,Sridhar Rob View July 2, 2007 NXLIU - Perhaps you didn't publish itemstyle.xsl after you were done modifying it? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Amid destruction and chaos, Motorola’s Handie-Talkie SCR536 portable two-way radio became an icon of the war. of the document in the webpart - not the title. SkyDrive Pro is intended to take its place when working with SharePoint 2013 and provide offline document synchronization. D.-------------------------------------Just thought I'd throw this out there to see if you or anyone else has encountered this.