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An Error Has Occurred The Operation Was Cancelled 3072

EID-2097 No user name was specified. EID-1020 Fatal exception occurred, exiting CTC. I'm extremely doubtful that TuneSpan is the culprit of this issue. CTC cannot find the specified profile from the specified node. Source

Please disable OSPF before enabling RIP. EID-3098 No ring terminations were selected. EID-2128 The state is invalid. EID-2147 This is a security violation.

EID-2188 The nodes in this ring do not support alphanumeric IDs. item.179314 Jeff Fishbein Stephen Withers says: "OK, I understand the arguments about why the podcast side of iTunes has changed, and I understand the differences between List and My Podcast views. When it is present, the podcast is deletable.

This version is outside of the recommended range and may cause an unpredictable behavior of the software. The operation was cancelled.(3072) [Copy link] Eric_EDDN Eric_EDDN , Money 9563, From the next level needed 9990436 Money Send PM #1 Post time: 2013-05-01 19:19:19 |Show the author posts only |Ascending Refer to the error message text. EID-3254 An error occurred during validation. {0} The Cisco Transport Controller (CTC) was unable to validate the values entered by the user, specified by {0}.

However, when I try to update it, the update immediately aborts with the following uninformative error message: "An error has occurred. CTC could not find any protection channel access (PCA) circuits for this task. You cannot delete the account under which you are currently logged in. Error refreshing the specified row.

EID-2012 The reverse circuit could not be destroyed. EID-3146 The RIP metric is invalid. EID-3112 The transmit delay is invalid. Do Apple engineers actually use the products they code? [...] Comment on this posting...

EID-3104 The router priority must be between 0 and 255. http://uk.comp.sys.mac.narkive.com/P9wBECns/user-friendliness EID-2027 An error occurred while deleting the circuit drop. Ask a Question Mac and OSX Forum Earn and Learn Program (EALP) - Mac and OSXRankings 03-03-201312:33 AM #1 Unregistered Error 3072 when trying to update iTunes in my Mac My Need help in weblogic Restore MAC OS X after removing its partition from windows? 10.5.4 is now available HT4436 when i try to set up icloud, i am asked to give

And they cannot be repaired. this contact form item.179560 Brad Hurte I waited until I heard that the deleted podcasts bug (feature?) was fixed before updating, but for me there are still two podcasts for which old episodes appear No nodes were selected. When it is present, the podcast is deletable.

Activity Monitor soon reported that iTunes was not responding. Past episodes not downloaded no longer automatically display. "Show Old Episodes" appears to do the same thing that "Show Available Episodes" used to do. EID-3236 The database restore failed. {0} CTC failed to restore the specified database. have a peek here EID-3080 CTC cannot navigate to the target tab. {0} CTC cannot go to the specified target tab.

Any help ?Content bought using one Apple ID cannot be merge The iTunes64. There was a failure in circuit roll. Refer to the error message text.

EID-2113 The extension byte for the ring cannot be set. {0} CTC cannot set the BLSR/MS-SPRing extension byte.

You did not specify a user name. iTunes will show what you have downloaded and the entire contents of the podcast's RSS feed. item.178953 Scott Little Re: "I had this same problem until I went into my iTunes account profile using my password. Please change it and apply again.

It's nice to be able to just keep listening on a long trip instead of having to pull over and select the next one every 30 minutes or so. EID-2173 The port is unavailable. Search Engine Optimization by vBSEO Random Applications Support Random Applications Support Forums Home Topics New Topic Login New Topic Random Applications SupportTopicProblemTuneSpan Properties Category TuneSpan Similar Topics Unable to Check This Out EID-2041 No paths are available on this link.

Warnings are sometimes used to convey important information. Refer to the warning message text. I can't now." What's wrong with using the "Unplayed" view? * What order is the Unplayed list in? EID-1002 The host name (e.g., for the network element) was successfully resolved to its address, but no route can be found through the network to reach the address.