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An Error Has Occurred Cms-api Call Failure

How can I install with SQL? The retry often succeeds within three attempts. As far as I can tell, nothing has changed on my end. The user can also specify the Acknowledgement Mode shoukd be CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE instaned of the default AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE mode. Source

I can't imagine there would be any connectivity issues. The Session supplies methods for creating each of the four Message types we covered above. A possible explanation, I think, is that the 3rd task is using a checker, which fails for some reason. Indicates the user cancelled the operation */ FBErrorCategoryUserCancelled = 6, /*!

To create a Session with one of the modes listed above there is a second create method in the CMS Session interface that takes a single argument specifying the mode, lets consumer.runConsumer(); // Wait to exit. TEC489692 How to enable auditing in CA Business Intelligence?

TEC489706 How to start and stop CA Business Intelligence services via command line? Even though there are some differences most are quite minor and for the most part CMS adheres to the JMS spec, so having a firm grasp on how JMS works should You should upgrade to at least python-psutil 0.6 😄 ConanKun commented May 29, 2015 now I have no troubles with cmsResourceService, but problem when submit a code still persist.. CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE With this acknowledgement mode, the client acknowledges a consumed message by calling the message's acknowledge method.

Action: Do the following: Delete the cookies from your browser. This failure was such a concern on/around April 22nd that I setup behavior to automatically retry the call when it fails. TEC492071 How to add a new license key in CA Business Intelligence? http://www.telerik.com/forums/rest-api2-calls-(sometimes)-return-connection-failure Unlike CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE where the acknowledgement applies to all messages received up to that point for the entire session, this mode applied only to a single message allowing the client to be

Simple MessageListener Implementation. We're calling from a dedicated Tomcat/Lucee(CFML) server on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. A value that may appear in the NSError userInfo dictionary under the `FBErrorLoginFailedReason` key when requesting new permissions fails. Indicates that a native dialog is not supported in the current OS. */ extern NSString *const FBErrorNativeDialogNotSupported; /*!

If this occurs on the current SDK with proper app migration settings, you may need to try changing to one request per batch. */ FBErrorProtocolMismatch, /// Non-success HTTP status code was Now that we have a MessageListener implementation to work with its time to see how to setup asynchronous consumption using the MessageConsumer we created previously. You attempted to create a video with a reference id that is already in use, or add a reference id to a video which is already used by another video. Apache ActiveMQ, ActiveMQ, Apache, the Apache feather logo, and the Apache ActiveMQ project logo are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation.

This exception is raised by methods in the Facebook SDK to indicate that an attempted operation is invalid */ extern NSString *const FBInvalidOperationException; // Facebook SDK also raises exceptions the following this contact form Indicates that the error results from the server throttling the client */ FBErrorCategoryThrottling = 5, /*! Success: False.
2015/05/30 01:09:08 - WARNING [EvaluationService,0] Worker failed when compiling submission 8(1).
2015/05/30 01:09:08 - INFO [EvaluationService,0] Executing operationcompile on 8 against dataset 1'. 2015/05/30 01:09:08 - INFO [EvaluationService,0] Asking TEC480409 What options are provided with a typical or custom install of CA Business Intelligence?

The code sample below shows a polling loop that uses the MessageConsumer's receiveNoWait method to poll and return immediately to allow for other processing to occur. If there are no consumers available at the time the message is sent it will be kept until a consumer is available that can process the message. Additionally configuration information can be encoded in the URI. have a peek here The Session is the Factory that create the providers implementation of the Message interfaces defined in CMS, it knows how to configure the internal data structures and prevents the client from

when I go back to submissions tab, it says my code is still in compiling. Regards, Martin Telerik by Progress Everlive is now Telerik Backend Services, and is part of the Telerik Platform. Indicates that the error is an application error resulting in a bad or malformed request to the server. */ FBErrorCategoryBadRequest = -2, } FBErrorCategory; /*!

Save the report.

The session has been logged off or has expired. (FWM 01002) Cannot initialize Report Engine server. (Error: RWI 00226) (Error: INF) An error has occurred: Batch state is unknown Source: ZENworks TEC492079 How to Add the LDAP server in Central Management Server, if the organization has multiple LDAP servers? Indicates that the error implies that the server had an unexpected failure or may be temporarily down */ FBErrorCategoryServer = 4, /*! Not satisfied Very satisfied What can we do to improve your experience?

Indicates the user did not cancel a web dialog auth. */ extern NSString *const FBErrorLoginFailedReasonInlineNotCancelledValue; /*! This method will work for any parameter that you can specify in the URI. TEC492153 How to change the JRE used by Java Infoview in CA Business Intelligence? Check This Out TEC486226 How to prevent BOXI users from accessing CA ServiceDesk reports?

A value that may appear in the NSError userInfo dictionary under the `FBErrorLoginFailedReason` key when requesting new permissions fails on iOS 6 with the Facebook account. Clients create Destinations and send messages to them or wait for messages to be received on a destination they have subscribed to. In most cases the client will only create one connection object since it is considered a heavyweight object. wil93 commented May 29, 2015 Are there active workers?

Use Enter to open the page. A value that may appear in the NSError userInfo dictionary under the `FBErrorLoginFailedReason` key when requesting new permissions fails. Thanks, David Dimo Mitev Admin 20 posts Posted 07 Jul Link to this post Hi David, Based on the error response sent, it seems that by some reason the invoked requests The error response includes: errordetail: Unknown host: Read timed out filecontent: Connection Failure statuscode: Connection Failure.

A value that may appear in an NSError userInfo dictionary under the `FBErrorLoginFailedReason` key for login failures. REFERENCES_EXIST This video is referenced by at least one playlist. A CMS provider should provide administrators with a way to limit client overrun so that clients are not driven to resource exhaustion and ensuing failure when some resource they are using SimpleProducer producer( brokerURI, numMessages, destURI, useTopics ); // Publish the given number of Messages producer.run(); // Before exiting we ensure that all CMS resources are closed.

TEC480239 Getting an error "Null Page: Unable to create page from report source".