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An Error Encountered While Optimizing Content Streams


I haven't changed any of the preferences. Back to square one. The PDF will be larger, but it will feel much faster (see Figure 16).

Figure 16: Clean Up Settings Dialog Note that compress entire file is available only in Acrobat Optimizing in Acrobat 8 Professional Next we optimized the original chapter file in Acrobat 8 Pro (pre-release) to compare the two versions. http://crearesiteweb.net/an-error/an-error-was-encountered-while-optimizing-content-streams.html

Thank you for any advice!? 0 0 01/12/10--16:13: Unable to install Acrobat Pro patch 9.3 on Macintosh Contact us about this article Déja Vu all over again. This is 5 bytes less than the non-reduced refried version. #For Acrobat 8 the smallest refried result was obtained first using Document -> Reduce File Size down to 119K, then exporting Yes, I entered in the separate serial number for Acrobat. PDF files with these fills look fine but will not optimize. https://forums.adobe.com/thread/300441

An Error Was Encountered While Optimizing Content Streams Adobe

Table 2 shows a comparison of different optimization settings for Chapter 2 of Speed Up Your Site in Acrobat 7 Pro, saved in different PDF versions. I first created a PDF from within PowerPoint (Office for Mac). It's someone else's presentation from a conference.I've searched everywhere and can't find a clue. Yes No We're sorry to hear that.

A similar question elsewhere in this group has not been answered.   thanks 0 0 06/27/11--14:15: Optimizer warning: error encountered while processing images Contact us about this article I'm having a Eventually, you'll find the page with the errant picture. Fast web view "linearizes" to make the first page selected display quickly, by essentially duplicating some data in the PDF. Pdf An Error Was Encountered While Optimizing Content Streams In the Acrobat window, select File | Save As | Reduced Size PDF Previoussection | Thissection | Nextsection Previousquestion | Thisquestion | Nextquestion Login Website Copyright © Workspaces ---- 337staff

For simple Type 1 and TrueType fonts, outlines will probably be larger (assuming an already subset font). You can upgrade your package from any computer, tablet, or cell phone. It is hard to remove when it does not appear anywhere in the document except for the error message.   I have worked backwards and deleted all java scripts and it http://www.justskins.com/forums/optimizing-error-with-mac-149290.html [email protected] Guest January 16th,03:12 AM #2 Re: Optimizing error with Mac and PC CS3 get the same message all the time...very frustrating.

In the Acrobat window, select File | Save As | Reduced Size PDF

Previoussection | Thissection | Nextsection Previousquestion | Thisquestion | Nextquestion You are not logged in ©2002-2016 An Error Was Encountered In The Transport Layer When I would use Document/Reduce file size to downsave it to version 6 I would get the error msg. Reduces the file size from ~61Mb to ~220Kb and number of images from ~60 to 1. Select any resolution, selecting low is fine Click on "Analyze and fix" Close the preflight window.

An Error Was Encountered While Configuring Your Computer For Use With This Extender

The job printed fine on an offset press; no complaints from the printer. https://www.terraswarm.org/terraswarm/faq/88.html I have a lot of .ppt files to convert into PDF. An Error Was Encountered While Optimizing Content Streams Adobe OS X 10.4.11Can anyone help please?thanks,MWG 0 0 11/10/08--09:06: Optimizing error with Mac and PC CS3 Contact us about this article I get this message when I try to optimize a An Error Was Encountered While Optimizing Content Streams Acrobat The time now is 05:30 AM.

We experienced savings from 2.5% to 3.3% over Acrobat 7. http://crearesiteweb.net/an-error/an-error-was-encountered-while-retrieving-page-content-acrobat.html For example, if you want to watch an HBO® show online, you’ll need to activate HBO® in your programming package. Well, there may be a variety of reasons why is Acrobat unable to edit the file and it is really hard to determine which one it is. It launched OK and recognized that there was an update to 9.3 (expanding to 1.18 Gb on the desktop). An Error Was Encountered While Opening A Window

Assign to Ken if still reproducible. I will also look into generating these without custom fonts and/or SVG images to narrow the problem and post the results here. If you use fonts from the BASE 14 set of basic fonts found in most computers you can safely unembed your fonts and Acrobat will use these system fonts (see Figure http://crearesiteweb.net/an-error/an-error-was-encountered-while-optimizing-content-streams-acrobat.html There is for real a problem with the DCT stream.

The file "GS 8.51 Mac.pdf" has no DCT problems but shows the images inverted in "Preview" of the MacOS X. Flatten Pdf The document was created as 6.88 in wide x 10.25 in tall.  The Properties of the PDF file for the document correctly show the page size as 6.88 x 10.25.   It prints fine on our in-house Xerox DocuColor laser.   The document contains a PSD graphic on a transparent layer and the background turned off, placed in InDesign.

Mike Michael Guest « When using Combine files for PDF's only, does that file conversion do anything? | incorrect display of line thickness » Similar Threads Optimizing binding By Tumurbaatar S.

Why would it see mine but ignore hers?2) If I can't get the comments to show up, then can I at least import my client's comments, which are currently sitting in I have tried resaving them and it doesn't change. Error: 1301   I don't want to have to reinstall Acrobat everytime there is an update. Although why it doesn't complain about the initial setting of state R13 is puzzling.

I've tried it with various versions of Ghostscript and all have the same issue; note that Acrobat Reader and Apple Preview open the file without problem, but they appear to be With the resizing, it is quite similar in that I can't resize smoothly - the resize jumps in blocks.   Anyone else now experiencing this problem? Log In Create A New Profile Home > Support > Pdfcrowd Support Forum > Topic Advanced Can't edit PDF after generation Posted by sfscrabble Forum List Message List New Topic sfscrabble http://crearesiteweb.net/an-error/an-error-was-encountered-while-optimizing-content-streams-adobe-acrobat.html Reply Quote support Re: Can't edit PDF after generation April 02, 2014 10:53AM Admin Registered: 6 years ago Posts: 1,135 Hello, Could you try to re-save the file in Acrobat and

I've optimized other files just fine. In the full version of Adobe Acrobat, select Edit | Preflight In the Preflight window, under PDF Fixups, select "Flatten Transparency". In fact the problem seems to be with an ExtGState.